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Hello. My name is Brian Morton and this is the story of my life. I was born in Upland, California in 1960. In 1964 my family moved to Huntington Beach, California where I lived until about 1976. By then the family and religion that brought me so much joy and happiness and hope was gone. From 1976 until 1980 I returned back to Upland, California where I entered the real world from the ages of 15 to 19. In 1980 I moved to Pasadena, California to attend College at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. In 1981 I moved to Santa Monica, California. In 1984 I moved to West Hollywood, California. In 1985 I moved to Kansas City, Missouri in Jackson County. In 1988 I moved to Orlando, Florida. In 2004 I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2008 I moved to McPherson, Kansas. In 2013 I moved to Sacramento, California. This book is about everything that happened to me from the time I was born until I moved to Sacramento in 2013. I will be adding two or three chapters at a time over several months until the entire book is available online. Instead of searching for a book publisher I have decided to let the right publisher come to me. The book that I am releasing online is unedited and raw and meant to share my life and my memories and my side of what I saw and felt along the way. Why would you want to read my book and what is it about? Well, to begin with, I was raised well. I loved my mother and father and they adored me. I was always so full of life and laughter that I just naturally ingragiated myself with my family and friends. I had a younger sister, named Becky and my younger brother was Mike. We were each others’ best friends and at times worst enemies but our love and respect for each other was genuine. and our house was always filled with laughter, love and prayer. Then suddenly life started to happen and things changed. Then ultimately tragedy struck and from then on everything changed…forever. Death and divorce.  Hearts were broken, lives were shattered but throughout everything, I did not give up hope. I prayed, and I prayed and I prayed and I prayed. I had so much faith in God that I knew he had to hear my prayers and he could sense the sincerity of my hope and the desperation in my heart. I needed answers and prayed for signs and I had no other outlet to find comfort and direction.Then through a series of very strange and special coincidences I began to feel that my prayers were being answered in miraculous ways I could not have ever even imagined. I believe that God has given me some very special signs throughout my life that I feel compelled to share them with the world. This is not a book about religion but a book about faith and hope in humankind. I hope that as my story unfolds you will be inspired to see how genuine and caring my intentions are in sharing these special moments with you. Perhaps by sharing the meaning behind the title it will help you better understand where this is all going.

A WING: A WING refers to the many angels who have come into my life and enriched and inspired me, including people like Carol Burnett and John Lennon.

A PRAYER: As I mentioned earlier I used to pray a lot. I never knew exactly who I was praying to. I would call him God and my Heavenly Father but I did not have an image in my head of what he looked like or where he existed. I just needed someone to talk to with no inhibitions or interruptions.

A PROMISE: The promise is something wonderful I discovered that I believe is an answer to my prayers. I do not discover this promise until later on in my life when I was an adult but as you read you will discover the journey I had to take in order to be prepared and ready to accept and acknowledge such a magnificent promise.

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