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I was raised on music. Music has always been the soundtrack to my life. There are songs that remind me of a specific time and place in my life. Special moments in my life that are captured by and embodied by a gorgeous melody, an inspired  rhythm, in depth lyrics and a vocal that leaves a lasting and fulfilling impression. As a child I was always inspired by music. Growing up in the 1960’s I was exposed to such a wealth of great music and songs that it could not help but affect and enrich my experience of life. Early on in my life when I was about 6, 7, 8 years old I was in love with The Beatles, The Supremes , The Rolling Stones and numerous other bands and music artists. I would get excited whenever I heard a song on the radio that captured my interest and attention. When I was about 10 years old I began creating original songs that I would improvise and sing off the top of my head while I walked. When I was about 13 years old I began to start writing down the lyrics that I was creating. I always had aspirations of being an actor and musician and I took various music lessons over the years, from the clarinet to the violin to the piano but I just didn’t have the discipline or talent to even think about pursuing music as a profession. I started showing a lot of interest in writing and being a poet and lyricist.  By the time I was about 14 years old I started writing poems and song lyrics at a steady pace. When my sister, Becky got sick and my parents divorced my need and desire to write down my thoughts and feelings was instinctive and necessary and it felt natural and therapeutic somehow. When I was about 17 I had some friends that began to show interest in music and before long I got my 1st synthesizer and began to experiment with sounds and songwriting techniques that were not normal and I ventured off to the more spacey/trippy  genre of musical influences. I was extremely influenced by synthesizer based artists like Pink Floyd and David Bowie and before long I started to write and record my own original songs. It started off as just a hobby and I really struggled with finding my own musical voice and style. Then in 1993 when I was working at Walt Disney World I met one of the angels (WINGS) in my life named, Joe Webster. He was a musician/songwriter as well and we entered into a very creative period of our lives and started writing and recording some very interesting and alternative and unusual songs. Joe had this great technique called, “Just push record.” Joe went on to form his own band called Throcket Luther and I started my own one man “studio” band called, Space Patrol Theater. Over the next 15-20 years I wrote and recorded hundreds of original songs. For some weird reason I never attempted to promote or take my music to the next professional level. It was my own private collection. Maybe I was overly patient, stubborn and lazy but after all these years of creating and not sharing my writing and my music I have finally found a platform that feels right. Now that I have created this website to promote my book and my music I am proud to share my creations with the world. Maybe my music is not your cup of tea but I am confidant and positive that my tea is very uniquely flavorful and I will find my fan base. I hope you enjoy my library of musical creations.

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